Marketing - Should We Take A Leaf Out Of Donald Trump’s Book?

I recently attended a leadership group event where the topic at hand was ‘marketing your business’. I readily admit this is not my area of expertise, so I was intrigued and hoped to gain some valuable insight. Some great points were made during the discussion, but I must confess my alarm when it was suggested that we should take our cue from Donald Trump! Were they serious? Well, yes, they were, and when they explained why I found myself nodding along.

Like him or not, agree with his policies or not, the one thing you can say for Trump is he knows his target market. He told his voter base what they wanted to hear, and he shouted it loudly and consistently. Maybe the most important thing, however, is that he has increased his chance of re-election by delivering on these promises (in the main!).

Trump and his team didn’t try and win over the whole of America; they knew they didn’t need to. They understood their core market and they went after it like an Exocet. He faced heavy criticism from the rich and famous, other politicians and world leaders, but he had his strategy and he stuck to it. He knew what they needed to do to win votes in the States that mattered, and didn’t allow his message to be diluted in the States he knew he could never win.

At the time of the American election I heard people saying, ‘No way can Donald Trump become the president of the United States of America’. Well, we all know what happened!

So, can we learn from Mr Donald Trump?

I think we can. Marketing has always seemed a bit of a mystical art form to me, but Trump makes it simple. Know who your core marketplace is, understand what they want, tell them you are going to give it to them then, well, give it to them! Don’t get distracted by what your competition is doing and don’t approach the market with a one-size-fits-all solution. Marketing doesn’t always need to be fancy, but it does need to be confident and consistent. Not everyone is going to like what you’re offering, but then you don’t need everyone to be a success.

Whilst I recommend taking a leaf out of Trump’s election playbook, I’d like to make it clear that I do not endorse either his hand gestures or hairstyle.


Dale Hirst – Managing Director (Full Circuit FM)

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